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Manufacturing Process : GRP pipes are manufactured by Dual helical filament winding process (Nominal size 25mm to 2600mm) or Continuous Winding Process (Nominal size 250mm to 4000mm).

Type of Resin : Pipes and Fittings are classified as GRP, GRV and GRE, according to the type of resin used for the manufacturing.

  GRP - Glass Reinforced Polyester (Isophthalic resin)
GRV - Glass Reinforced Vinylester (Vinylester resin)
GRE - Glass Reinforced Epoxy (Epoxy resin)

Pressure Class : Pipes and fittings are classified according to the Nominal pressure. Standard pressure classes are 4, 6, 10, 16, 20 and 25 bar. Intermediate and higher pressure classes are considered on request or depending on the design condition.

Pipe Stiffness : Pipes are also classified according to specific pipe stiffness. Standard stiffness classes are 1250, 2500, 5000 and 10000 N/m². Intermediate of higher stiffness classes are available on request or depending on the design condition.

Type of End Connection : Standard pipes can be supplied with any one of the following end connection as per the requirement.

  End 1 End 1 Connected with Joint Type
1 Plain End Plain End - Lamination Joint
2 Raised Spigot Raised Socket - Flexible Joint
3 Raised Spigot Raised Spigot Double Bell Coupling Flexible Joint
4 Tapered Spigot Tapered Socket - Glue Joint
5 Tapered Spigot Tapered Spigot Taper Coupling Glue Joint
6 Lock joint Spigot Lock Joint Socket - Lock Joint
7 Lock Joint Spigot Lock Joint Spigot Lock Joint Coupling Lock Joint


Equal Tee's
Reducing Tee's
  Concentric Reducers
  Eccentric Reducers
  Blind flanges
  End cap etc

Elbows are either mitered or swept. Number of sections of miter bend depends upon the angle and class of the pipe. Bends of angle other than the standard also can be manufactured on request. Flanges are manufactured according to the drilling standards like ANSI, BS, DIN etc.

Home FRP pipes Pre-Insulated Pipes Manufacturing Product Range Installation Joint systems Engineering Experience Contact Us
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